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Welcome to Bangladesh Bank eRecruitment Portal

  --For all online applications related to job opening of Bangladesh Bank & 14 State Owned Banks/Specialized Banks/Financial Institutions under Bankers' Selection Committee Secretariat of BB.

Ongoing Application
  • Currently there is no running Application to apply.
Upcoming Exams/Test/Viva
  • Preliminary Exam (MCQ) Schedule for the Post of Officer (Cash)/Officer (Teller) (Job ID-10183) of 07 Banks (Base year-2021)  details..
  • Written result and viva-voce schedule for the post "Officer cash" (Job ID-10148) of 7 Banks. (Base Year-2020)  details..
  • Written Test result and Schedule of viva voce for the post of Sub Assistant Engineer-Civil (10th grade)-Base year 2021 (Job ID:10193) of 02 Bank/FI  details..