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Photo/Signature change related instruction: Applicant can upload photo/signature from Edit resume in case of absent photo/signature. Do not email for photo/signature changes if you already have an valid photo/signature. Applicant photo/signature may be changed by BB authority in case of invalid photo/signature. Otherwise no photo/signature will be changed.

What is CV Bank?
BB is preserving all online application from December, 2009. If you have applied for any post, published and receiving online application in BB website, then your CV is preserved in our CV Bank. And you are given a CV Identification Number. Using that number you can again apply for another post advertised in our site.
What is CV Identification Number or Job Tracking Number?
CV Identification Number is a unique number given against a new CV posted online to BB eRecruitment. Using the CV Identification Number, an applicant can apply for different positions advertised in our site. Applicant needs not to create new CV for applying a new post, but use the CV Identification Number and password to edit current CV and apply for a new post.
On the other hand, Job Tracking number is created against a post and a CV ID.
An applicant will have only one CV ID, but he/she will have different Job Tracking Number for different posts.
How to apply for the first time?
In "Apply Job" page, click "new applicant? register now!" link to open the application form. Follow the instruction [given on top right corner] to fill up the form.
 I can't remember my CV Identification number?
You have two (02) options to search your CV Identification Number. You can search CV Id if you know your name, parents name, date of birth and password from the link Search CV track Id given in every page of Job openings. Or you can search by name, parents name, date of birth and result publish date of the Exam mentioned.
 I can't remember my password?
If you know your cv id, Date of Birth and the given email address in the cv, then you can reset your password. From the link Reset Password given in every page of Job openings.
 My photo is absent in my tracking page, What to do?
Applicant can upload photo/signature from Edit resume in case of absent photo/signature.
 How to use previous CV, I have registered online?
If you have already registered to our CV bank, use your previous CV Identification Number and Password to apply.
 Where can I contact if I have any other problem regarding Online Application?
Mail to for online applications of Bangladesh Bank(BB) and for all online applications under BankersĀ“ Selection Committee Secretariat(BSCS) mentioning your name, father's name, mother's name, and date of birth, and the problem you facing.
 I can't remeber my Job tracking number? How can i get my admit card?
You can print admit card using your cv id also. In that case, click the link "To print Admit Card by CV identification number click here!". Select the post from list, type your cv id and password.
 When should I send my Certificates and relevant papers?
You don't have to send any Certificates or Papers now, It will be called later on.
 In Tracking page, my Permanent address is showing. Do I have to collect my examination card from my permanent address?
Examination admit card or Interview card will be sent to Present Address.
 How can I print my admit card?
In the print admit page you can download or print your admit card by using your cv identification number or Job tracking number and Password. By default textbox for Tracking number will be shown.
 What happens after I submit my resume online?
Once you apply to a position, you will receive a job tracking page confirming receipt of your application. Please print and preserve the page.
 I can't apply for the new post using my CV Identification Number? It is asking for reference, which is disabled?
In this case you have to edit your resume to put reference info. To edit your resume, click "Edit Resume" link in Job List page, on top right corner. Log in using your CV Identification Number and Password, and edit your resume to put Reference information.
 How to change/update photo/signature of my CV?
Please write an application (hardcopy/handwritten) in order to change photo/signature of your CV to the following address:

Director (BSCS)
Bankers' Selection Committee Secretariat
16th floor, 2nd annex building
Head Office
Bangladesh Bank
Motijheel, Dhaka.

The application can be directly dropped in the letter box of "Bankers' Selection Committee Secretariat" situated in 1st floor of 30 storied building of Bangladesh Bank; or it can be sent via postal/courier service.

Please provide the following in/with your application:
Full Name
Contact no.
Photo/signature (as attachment)

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